There’s nothing quite like coming home to your dog wagging its tail in a frenzy to greet you, or to your cat giving you an aloof glance to acknowledge your presence. Owning a pet can change your life, both emotionally and physically. Pets can improve an owner’s physical fitness, lower stress, and even give cardiovascular health a boost.

With all that a pet can offer, it’s no surprise that people love their furry, feathery, and scaly friends. When you are looking for a new apartment, finding a place that works for you and your pet is a high priority. At California Palms Apartments, we’ll make sure you and your pet feel like part of the family. Here’s what you should know about living here with a pet.

Pets Are Welcome Here

We know that pets take up a special place in a person’s heart: They have a place in your home here at California Palms as well. Bring home your furry friends of the feline and canine variety, but keep the pups under the 25-pound weight limit, and we have breed restrictions due to size and behavior traits. If smaller pets are more your speed, no problem! You can also have hamsters, reptiles, birds, and other small pets in cages.

Let Your Pet Stretch Its Legs

Your four-legged friend has twice as many legs as you, which is probably why it seems to have so much energy. In addition to our gated dog run onsite, there is lots of green space around California Palms to go for a stroll and get some wiggles out. You can even give it a scrub down afterward at our pet washing station.

If you want to meet up with more furry friends, you aren’t far from some great dog parks. A 15-minute drive will take you to Garden Grove Dog Park, where Fido can frolic to his heart’s content. If your pup is a fan of the waves, you can head to Dog Beach in under 30 minutes for some pet-friendly sand adventures.

Be a Good Citizen

We are excited to have you and your pets as part of our family at California Palms. As any family knows, it’s easiest to get along when we all do our part. Be sure to pick up after your pets if they do their business. Sometimes Fido takes you by surprise and needs to go when you least expect it. No worries, though: We have waste stations around the property to help take care of your pet’s needs whenever they arise. Your friendly pooch should also be on a leash on the grounds and in the parking structure, as well as when you enter and leave your apartment.

We know finding a welcoming place to live for your family and pets is a high priority for you. You’ll feel right at home at the California Palms, where we value your pets as much as you do.