Why is it important to increase your credit score? According to Experian, a good credit score can help you access the best credit cards, get the lowest interest on loans, get insurance discounts, and get approved for housing rentals.

One of the best ways you can increase your credit score is through your online rent payments. To make sure your monthly rent is counted toward your credit score, make sure you pay it online, pay with your credit card, and get your rent payments reported to credit bureaus.

Paying Rent Online

Paying rent online is the first step to make sure it can get recognized and factored into your credit score.

At California Palms Apartments, we make this easy for you through our online resident portal. No need to write a check or come to our office; simply log into the portal each month to make your payment!

Paying with Your Credit Card

Next, paying with your credit card helps ensure your credit score gets the full benefit from your online payments. LaToya Irby, credit expert for The Balance, advises, “Open a credit card and use it to pay your rent . . . then pay your credit card balance in full each month. The timely credit card payments will help boost your credit score.”

Paying with a credit card isn’t required, but it can be a nice little boost to your credit score in combination with the benefits of paying your rent online.

Reporting to Credit Bureaus

Once you have paid your rent online, you need to make sure your payments are recognized by the credit bureaus and calculated into your report. According to RentTrack, “[reporting] won’t happen automatically. . . . You need a certified data furnisher who can report your rent to the credit bureaus.” Using a reporting agency such as RentTrack will make sure your payment is seen by credit bureaus.

As you pay rent online with a credit card and make sure the rent gets reported to credit bureaus, you will see your credit score soar!