The only thing better than having fun with your friends is having fun with your friends for free. We’ve rounded up five fun, free activities to do with your friends this weekend. Check them out!

Bake Overnight Artisan Bread

Baking bread can sound like a lot, but this artisan loaf uses three ingredients that you probably already have on hand, doesn’t require kneading, and raises in the fridge overnight! You can all make your own loaves together on Saturday night and wake up a little early on Sunday morning to bake them before it’s too hot outside. Keep one loaf to enjoy for yourselves, and drop off the rest to friends!

Create a Lip Sync Music Video

Find a fun song, choose outfits, scout out locations, and get filming! Not only will you learn a little about production and editing, but you’ll also create a lasting memory that will be fun to look back on in a few years. A few free video editing apps are listed here.

Hold a Paper Airplane Competition

Try to find out which paper airplane design works best! Start with a few designs each, and then battle it out until you find the winner. And try out this guy’s award-winning method. (Shh! Don’t tell your roommates!)

Watch the Sunset

Nothing like simply watching the sunset to relax at the end of a long week. Head to Inspiration Point in Newport Beach. It’s known for its great sunset views and is only 20 minutes away from Santa Ana. To enhance the relaxation factor, consider popping in your earbuds and listening to a meditation to help you calm your breathing and your thoughts.

Rearrange Your Furniture

It’s amazing how much a difference it can make to the way your home feels after you rearrange furniture! The apartment can feel fresh and new just by switching a chair and couch or moving your bed to the opposite wall. Here are some great tips for rearranging in a way that works and will really make your space feel good.

This weekend, try out some of these fun, free activities! Whether you bake bread, create a lip sync video, make paper airplanes, watch the sunset, or rearrange your furniture, you’re sure to have a great time with your roommates at a price that will make your wallet happy.