Who doesn’t love a smoothie when the weather is warm? Coming the day after the first day of summer, National Smoothie Day on June 21 is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cool, refreshing blend of fruit and ice. But rather than keeping it simple, here are three ways you can celebrate.

Get to Know Your Veggies

Sure, when you think of smoothies, you’re more likely to think of fruit than vegetables. However, there are plenty of vegetables that make for incredible smoothie ingredients, including cauliflower, summer squash, and sweet potato.

That doesn’t mean your smoothie needs to be all veggie, though. The trick is to balance fruits with veggies. Instead of a green smoothie, start with one that’s pink, orange, or purple. For example, combining bananas, peaches, summer squash, and flaxseed looks and taste amazing. (You can always move on to green smoothies when you’re more comfortable.) If you’re raising picky eaters, this can be the perfect way to slip some greens into their diet unnoticed.

Have a “Fine” Smoothie Tasting

Tastings aren’t limited to vineyards and chocolateries. Get your family or roommates together and put everyone in charge of creating a different smoothie. Then, take turns tasting one another’s smoothies, seeing if you can guess what went into it. For extra points, try using unusual ingredients, like tahini, rose petals, or basil seeds. For example, this smoothie recipe calls for common tastes like bananas, cinnamon, and almond milk, but shakes it up with Medjool dates and tahini. It’s a great way to see who has the most refined palate.

Visit a Local Smoothie Shop

Probably the easiest way to celebrate National Smoothie Day is to visit a local smoothie shop. But rather than hit up a huge chain like Jamba, why not support a smaller, locally owned business? Savy Donuts & Smoothie is right across the street from us at California Palms, and Fruitthies is only a 14-minute drive away.

With the current state of the world, we could all use more excuses to celebrate. This June 21, try experimenting with veggies, doing a smoothie taste test, or visiting a nearby smoothie shop. From all of us at California pines, have a happy—and delicious—National Smoothie Day!