With so much currently up in the air, and with every state implementing different regulations and rules, it’s so hard to make any plans—especially for the major holidays. With the Fourth of July coming up, now’s a great time to get some craft projects prepped in case you need to celebrate the Fourth of July indoors—especially if you have kids. Here are just a couple of great ones:

Confetti Poppers

It’s no secret that kids love noise—and they adore making noise. For a safe, smoke-free option you can enjoy inside your home, why not consider making your own confetti poppers? The body is simple enough; you’ll just need nine-inch balloons, empty toilet paper tubes, and packing tape. From there, it’s just a matter of decoration and filling your poppers with confetti. Hop over to happinessishomemade.net for the full tutorial.

Patriotic Ice Cubes

How about we spice up our drinks with a little Uncle Sam flair? When making colored ice cubes, you have some options. For option one, pick out three different drinks, one for each patriotic color (red, white, and blue). Cranberry juice is a great idea for the red, water for the white, and then Powerade or Gatorade for the blue. For the second option, check out this tutorial for Jell-O ice cubes. These will cool your drink, but instead of melting in your drink, they’ll thaw and turn soft—perfect for nibbling!

Patriotic Striped Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. For a seasonal wreath, snip 35 strips of white and red tulle anywhere from six inches to 15 inches each. While alternating the different colors, wrap and knot the tulles around a 14-inch circular wireframe. Align the knots so that they are all even, then make sure to fluff all the ends. Snip off about 10 feet of decorative blue garland, preferably the kind with stars. Then wind it around the wireframe and through the tufts. In the end, you’ll have a masterpiece, perfect for hanging.

With so much uncertainty this year, it’s nice to be able to do something fun at home, especially with the kids. We hope these small but fun crafts help warm your Independence Day. From all of us at California Palms, we wish you a happy Fourth!