Did you know that cyclists may actually experience the least exposure to air pollution compared with those who drive or ride the bus on their commute? A study from the University of Leeds found that cyclists got to their destination faster and were less likely to have to sit in clouds of pollution, breathing in cleaner air instead.

That is just one reason you should start riding your bike to work. Start with just one day a month, and work from there! You’ll find it’s good for your body, good for your mental health, and good for the environment.

It’s Good for Your Body

Riding a bike to work is a great use of your time. A study from the University of Copenhagen found that riding a bike can be just as effective for burning calories as working out in your free time. It’s a great solution if your busy schedule makes it hard to exercise but you have to go to work anyway.

While you’re burning those calories on your bike, you’ll receive a few more physical benefits, too. Cycling improves your cardiovascular health, lowers the risk of cancer, and lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Overall, your entire body benefits from this switch to your commute.

It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Exercise can be great for mental health, helping your body release endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling and reduce your perception of pain. One study found that cycling, specifically, was associated with a 21.6 percent lower mental health burden. So if you’re looking for a way to clear your head, try cycling!

It’s Good for the Environment

The fuel required to keep a bike running is the fuel required to keep you running—no petroleum to see here! The US Environmental Protection Agency reported that transportation is the primary source of greenhouse gas emission, accounting for 28.2 percent. Try cycling to help reduce that number and keep the air clean.

Cycling may make it more likely that you’ll benefit from cleaner air on your daily commute. But the benefits don’t stop there! When you start cycling one day a month and increase your frequency from there, you’ll find it’s good for your body, good for your mental health, and good for the environment. Overall, it’s a good way to live happy!