“A dog is a man’s best friend” is a famous saying that we’re sure you’re familiar with, and if you are a dog, cat, or animal lover, you probably agree with the sentiment. Pets bring so much joy and comfort to our lives and are believed to have emotional and physical healing powers. It’s no wonder why 11.3 million Americans have purchased a new pet during the pandemic.

Whether or not you are new to the pet ownership game, finding a home that allows pets and enables you and your pet to enjoy life is crucial to both you and your furry companion’s happiness. At California Palms Apartments in Santa Ana, we love pets and are proud to be pet-friendly! Our focus is to create the best living environment possible for you and your fluffy friends. Here are three reasons why your pet will love our pet-friendly community, paired with a few tips for pet owners. 

Plenty of Space

Our pet-friendly apartment community offers plenty of exercise space for pets and their owners. Our property includes a dog run with agility equipment for dogs to play and exercise. Visit our outdoor courtyard to soak up the California sunshine or take a walk around the property for some much-needed exercise. Our courtyards are lined with covered tables to help you escape from the heat as well as plush grass that will be cool on your pet’s paws. Our property is safe to walk around––we have speed bumps throughout the parking lots to prevent speeding and paved paths leading to and from the leasing office. 

As you strive to provide your pet with plenty of space, follow these tips:

  • Dogs benefit from at least 30 minutes of outdoor playtime each day. If your schedule permits, take Fido on daily morning strolls or evening walks. The fresh air will benefit you both! 
  • Cats love playtime, too! While you typically don’t take cats on walks, there are several toys you can purchase for mental and physical stimulation. From foldable play tunnels to rods, here is a list of cat toys your animal will love! 

Lots of Socializing

We couldn’t call ourselves a pet-friendly apartment if we didn’t offer pet amenities. At California Palms, we have an onsite gated dog run, making it easy and safe to play fetch with your pet. Our dog run is quite popular, so you’ll have the privilege of making new friends with your fellow residents while your dog plays. We even have a pet wash station to clean up after playing!

If you want to meet up with more furry friends, you aren’t far from some great dog parks. A 15-minute drive will take you to Garden Grove Dog Park, where Fido can frolic to his heart’s content. If your pup is a fan of the waves, you can head to Dog Beach in under 30 minutes for some pet-friendly sand adventures.

When taking your pet to socialize with other animals, follow these tips: 

  • Puppies love socialization, but there is a time and place for it. It’s best to wait until your puppy has been fully vaccinated and dewormed before introducing it to other animals. 
  • When dogs greet other dogs while leashed, it can seem unnatural to them, causing them to portray leash aggression. Here are a few tips for handling leash aggression.
  • Dog parks are meant to be fun, but improper dog park etiquette can ruin that experience for everyone. Keep your leash with you, always have a collar on your dog, and clean up after your pet. 

Monitored Noise Control

At California Palms, we want our pet VIPs to enjoy our community by playing and socializing; however, we also need to be considerate to our fellow neighbors. In the evenings, we ask our residents to keep their noise level low, and we expect this from their pets, too. 

When monitoring the noise levels of your pets while living in an apartment, here are a few tips:

  • Take your pet outside before bedtime so it can release any extra energy.
  • Try to keep your pet calm during quiet hours at night. 
  • Recognize barking triggers to better manage them.
  • Buy rugs for noise control––and decoration! 

Finding the right pet-friendly apartment is so important for you and your pet! At California Palms, we offer plenty of space, encourage pet socialization, and monitor noise levels so that our property can be the best it can be. Wherever you live, always be considerate of your pet’s needs and your fellow neighbors by following our helpful tips above. And of course, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment, we know you will love ours! Call us today for more information.